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Support agreements – You focus on the selling, whilst we take care of the technical stuff

Support, design, coding and production for LiteCart, OpenCart, PrestaShop, Shopify, Talex and WooCommerce.

Starting an online store today is quite simple, it does not cost so much and goes very quickly.
To succeed in e-business and make it grow, however, is a different and much more complex issue.
A lot is happening in the industry and happening fast.

Support (included) vs Service
If we are to explain the difference between Support / Helpdesk (included) and Service you can say that Helpdesk tells you how to do things yourself. Service team, however, implements the changes you want, or gives advice etc.

The TopCove service team has no limitations beyond what lies within our areas of expertise (including design and web development and customization, marketing, TA / logistics, SEO and integrations to various business systems).

TopCove.com, has always provided consulting services.
Custom, flexible solutions. That’s what we are known for!

The difficulty is finding the personal efficiency required to handle smaller ongoing consulting assignments. Traditional consulting assignments require a proper review so that the end product is what the customer intended.
It requires sales, project managers, planning and resources for development.
TopCove’s solution for shortening all stages and the cost of the process is called a service agreement and Service Card.

The solution? – Service Card. Our Service Card gives you between 10 to 45% discount on the service team hours.
Quite simply – A smarter way to hire us.

When you buy hours, you also have the advantage that all the service hours remain in your hour bank and can be used at any time.
In order for the Service Team to be able to take on new ongoing assignments, there must be hours in your hourly bank.

All changes made at your request are automatically deducted from your service card. You can also request a time estimate in advance. The time estimate can sometimes be calculated higher than the time it takes to perform the work.

You can order service time below.